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Central MAT Team

The HfL MAT Board of Trustees is setting up a permanent Central MAT Team with a CEO who will lead a Senior Leadership Team consisting of a Chief Finance Officer, Academy Improvement Lead and Human Resources Manager (initially part time). As the Trust expands, the Central MAT Team will also appoint a Chief Technology Officer which is seen as a key area of innovation for the academies, and resource to manage the property estate. In the meantime an experienced interim Central MAT Team is in place until the MAT begins the process of sponsoring schools or accepting convertor academies. Please see Our Central MAT Team Personnel page for details.

Early stages

In order to manage central costs efficiently during the early stages of growth, the Trust will second a range of staff with the appropriate expertise on a part time basis to ensure costs are managed and that the Trust is not incurring unnecessary overhead.  A major benefit of the HfL MAT is its access to that expertise from HfL Ltd which can be provided flexibly to suit demand in the early stages.


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