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Cluster Model

In the early stages of the MAT development, the CEO will have a direct relationship with each of the academies in the Trust and will draw upon school improvement, HR and financial expertise from the central office.  As the Trust grows and the number of academies increases, we anticipate the need for a cluster model with a Cluster Lead, overseeing the support and management of the academies in each cluster, reporting to the CEO. The Cluster Lead will oversee performance monitoring and quality assurance of self assessment and development planning across the academies and will assemble and monitor a wide range of data and performance indicators across the cluster which will be used by the CEO and MAT Board to direct timely targeted interventions and additional resources where needed.

In the more mature stage of the MAT we envisage each Cluster Lead is likely to lead a Cluster Resources Committee with representation from each academy with plenipotentiary powers to make decisions on behalf of their academy. The Cluster Lead will have responsibility for coordinating, recommending and maximising resources, introducing innovation and sharing best practice within the cluster and beyond. The Cluster Lead will be a conduit for two way information between the cluster and the overall MAT Trust Board.


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