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Articles of Association

The Herts for Learning MAT Articles of Association can be found below; these have been registered at Companies House.


The structure of the Trust and relationships with its academies is illustrated through the diagrams below:




Scheme of delegation

Clear lines of accountability are articulated through the scheme of delegation. The scheme of delegation includes:

  1. Underpinning principles related to lines of accountability
  2. The structure of the HfL MAT and clarification of terms
    1. Structure charts
    2. CEO office
    3. Cluster and local governance arrangements
    4. Individual academy arrangements
  3. Procurement
    1. Centrally provided services (universal )
    2. Centrally procured services (optional)
    3. Cluster procured services (discretionary)
    4. Individual academy procurement
  4. The scheme of delegation spreadsheet including worksheets covering decision making with regard to
    • Strategy and Leadership
    • Finance
    • HR
    • Educational Effectiveness
    • Operations and Asset Management
  5. The process for bringing about a change to the scheme of delegation

The scheme will be kept under review by the Board of Trustees and future changes will be made according to the policy. For more information please see our Scheme of Delegation Page


Four individual Members have been appointed with a representative of Herts for Learning Ltd as the fifth Member (see details on Our Members and Trustees page).


Our Articles (see above) have made provision for up to twelve Trustees to be appointed of which nine have already been selected. Further Trustees may be appointed at a later date following a skills audit to ensure that the MAT Board of Trustees continues to have the breadth and depth of experience and expertise to expertly fulfil all the functions of governance (see details on Our Members and Trustees page).

Academy Governing Boards

Local governing bodies with new functions and different delegated responsibilities and accountabilities will be called Academy Governing Boards. Their role will be to steer, challenge and support the leadership and contribute to the success of their academy and to recommend and contribute to the work of the Trust benefitting all academies across the Trust.

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