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Our Partners

The MAT will work with a range of partners to secure the best value services to meet the needs of its academies.

Herts for Learning Ltd

Herts for Learning (HfL) Ltd is the founding organisation of the Herts for Learning Multi Academy Trust.Herts for Learning logo

HfL Ltd is a provider of school improvement services. Its main business comes through trading a wide range of school improvement and business support services to schools, academies and educational settings. The company also has a contract with Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) to deliver some of its statutory education functions.

With 521 shareholder schools, Herts for Learning Ltd is the UK’s largest Schools’ Company.

As a not for profit company, HfL Ltd constantly re-invests in the common good, by improving existing services, investing in new ones and contributing to relevant agendas that affect all schools, academies and settings.

To read more about Herts for Learning Ltd, please visit their website:


The Hertfordshire family of schools

The Herts for Learning Multi Academy Trust works alongside other LA maintained schools, academies and multi-academy trusts in Hertfordshire and on our borders. We welcome opportunities to share good practice and learn from each other and build on the relationships built by Herts for Learning Ltd with its shareholder schools and customers.

Local Diocesan Boards

Key leaders in the HfL MAT will continue to work with the Education Service of the Diocese of Westminster and the St Albans Diocesan Board:

Diocese of Westminster – http://rcdow.org.uk/education.

St Albans Diocesan Board – www.stalbans.anglican.org/schools/schools.


HertsCam is a self-governing network of teachers and schools, supporting the development of practice in schools and other education settings.

The HertsCam Network is a charity working in partnership with schools and local universities; it is led by the HertsCam Steering Committee, which has representation from various schools in the region.

The network supports staff and school development through programmes such as the Teacher Led Development Work programme, the HertsCam-Wolfson Seminar Series and HertsCam MEd in Leading Teaching and Learning.

To read more about HertsCam, please visit their website:


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