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Welcome from our Chair of the Board of Trustees

Welcome to our Herts for Learning Multi Academy Trust website.

The HfL MAT is the first of its kind. It has been described as a SIP MAT – a school improvement partner MAT – because of the association with the successful founding organisation Herts for Learning Ltd – the largest Schools Company in the UK providing school improvement services.

We are an inclusive and collaborative Trust, bringing like minded people together to work together, learn together and succeed together.

Schools and academies in Hertfordshire have a long and strong history of working together and shaping the landscape to create an environment in which schools support each other and children thrive. HfL Ltd was co-produced with schools to develop into a company that serves their needs and, in that spirit, the HfL MAT has also been designed with many of the schools interested in joining. There is therefore a strong sense of ownership and belonging to the HfL MAT which provides a good foundation for its success.

Whether you are considering joining our Trust, are interested in our approach or would like to work with us, we hope you will find what you need on our website; but if you don’t please get in touch and let us know how we can help or improve.

Jan Paine, Chair of the Board of Trustees

Message from our CEO

I am very excited to have been invited to lead the HfL Multi Academy Trust. We have ambitious plans and will be supporting our academies to become the ‘best that they can be’. I have a strong belief in the right of every child within the MAT to access and develop the life skills necessary to become a confident and successful 21st Century citizen. Whatever their background, every young person should be: numerate; able to read, write and speak effectively; and positively contribute to their community. As the Chief Executive Officer, I will work with our central team and academy leaders to ensure this for all students, regardless of starting point.

It is unlikely that there will be any let up in the national pace of change or parallel financial constraints; responding to these requires strong leadership and an understanding of what works. We will ensure that the HfL MAT academies pursue the strategies with the greatest leverage and provide them with a balance of support and challenge. Our academies are encouraged to develop as their own institutions, believing this is how they can best respond to local need, however we will work within a clear common working structure and ethos for the MAT, rooted within the HfL vision.

Good test and examination outcomes are the key to providing the best life chances for children. I will be seeking to create a culture of continuous improvement in teaching and learning and a focus on the basics, and I am a strong advocate for improving disadvantaged pupil/student achievement. Collaboration between our academies at all levels is key to creating the outstanding outcomes we have committed ourselves to. We will create (and welcome other suggestions about) opportunities to share good practice to the benefit of all parties believing that each of our schools and academies has something to offer.

At each stage of my career I have sought to impact on a greater number of learners. Having been a Headteacher and Principal for the last 14 years, the Chief Executive Officer role is a further opportunity to do this and develop the Hertfordshire education family. Thank you to Pat McAteer, out-going CEO, who has worked so hard to develop the Trust, and the Board for their warm welcome.

If you would like more information about the HfL Multi Academy Trust or an informal discussion about joining our growing family of schools please contact me on Alex.Thomas@hflmat.co.uk

Alex Thomas, Chief Executive Officer

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